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Global Experience Ontario (GEO): Live Webinars

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Join one of our free live webinars and find out how to work as a licensed and registered engineer, accountant, teacher, early childhood educator, social worker or in the skilled trades in Ontario.


Webinar Overview

  • Registration/Licensing Pathways and Requirements
  • Resources and Supports for Immigrants
  • Alternative Career Options
  • What to Do Before You Arrive in Ontario
  • Questions and Answers



See the list of upcoming webinars below and click to register for the one that interests you.


All webinars are one hour in length and are delivered at 9 a.m. DST (Daylight Saving Time) in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.  Please click on the Time Zone Converter tool below to find out when the webinar will take place in your time zone.


timezone icon TimeZone (America/Los Angeles)
timezone icon TimeZone (America/Los Angeles)

Upcoming Webinars

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