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Prower Point Presentation

Join us for a special webinar hosted by the American Indian and Alaska Native NPA Caucus

Each year, more than 44,000 Americans die from suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death in the country. The prevalence of suicide among American Indians and Alaska Natives is even higher than within the general population.

This webinar will feature the Hope Squad Program, a school-based peer advocate program that works to prevent suicide and decrease the incidence of untreated mental illness. The Hope Squad Program is currently working in American Indian and Alaska Native communities in Alaska, Oklahoma, and Utah.

The webinar will cover the history and creation of the program, how the program is implemented, ways in which the program has been successful, and reasons for implementing a Hope Squad in your community.  Hope Squads are reducing self-destructive behavior and youth suicide by training, building, and creating change in over 200 schools and communities.

TOPIC: The Hope Squad Program – Addressing Suicide Prevention and Untreated Mental Illness

MODERATOR: Dr. Francine Gachupin, Member, American Indian and Alaska Native NPA Caucus

SPEAKER: Dr. Gregory A. Hudnall, Founder and Executive Director, HOPE4UTAH

DATE: May 18, 2017

TIME: 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The American Indian and Alaska Native National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA) Caucus provides a forum for members to increase dialogue across the country and to coordinate and enhance tribal, state and local efforts to address health disparities and the social determinants of health for AI/ANs.

Visit the AI/AN NPA Caucus website for more information: http://aian.npa-rhec.org/.

1 If the registration link does not work, please copy the entire link and paste it into your web browser. For webinar-specific or technical questions, contact the moderator Caroline Shell, cshell@explorepsa.com 

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